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Written by: Steven R. Clawson
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An unexpected injury or accident can create havoc in your life. It’s hard to know where to turn for help. You never know when you’ll need a personal injury lawyer. A serious injury disrupts your day-to-day life.

The consequences can also be financially devastating. It would be best if you had a personal injury attorney who will fight for your rights and work hard to obtain the best possible settlement. The following tips will help you find an excellent personal injury lawyer.

1. Look For An Attorney With Experience And Credentials

An excellent personal injury lawyer will have many years of experience dealing specifically with personal injury cases. When interviewing with a potential personal injury lawyer, find out whether they have handled personal injury cases similar to yours.

Additionally, an excellent personal injury lawyer will offer a free consultation for any potential clients. You can use this meeting to ask questions and determine whether the attorney is a good fit for you. When you’ve experienced the trauma of an injury, you need an attorney that gives you personal attention when litigating your case.

All the attorneys at Wells Call have extensive experience fighting for clients who have suffered severe injuries in accidents.

2. Determine What Your Fees Will Be

Make sure you understand the fees and costs for your case in advance. Most personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency basis.

Contingency means that attorneys don’t collect any fees unless you win your case. The attorneys at Wells Call advance all costs for your claim and never charge for services until you secure compensation or settlement.

3. Find a Lawyer With Proper Resources

When reviewing potential personal injury lawyers, ensure the attorney and firm have the proper resources to litigate your case. Most personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency basis and don’t collect their fees unless you win your settlement.

Therefore, you need to choose a personal injury lawyer with a sufficient line of credit to cover the costs of expenses for the duration of your case.

Often expert testimony is required to litigate a case properly. Experts include doctors, rehabilitation specialists, economists, accident reconstructionists, and life care planners. These experts charge substantial sums of money to testify in a matter. 

Choose a personal injury lawyer that has sufficient resources to litigate your case aggressively. 

4. Do Not Assume Bigger Is Better

The size of a law firm has little to do with how well they will litigate your case. The most important aspect of a firm is whether it provides you with the one-on-one attention you need. You don’t want your case getting lost in the shuffle.

Be sure to get all your questions and concerns answered by receiving focused legal counsel. The attorneys at Wells Call provide all clients with detailed information throughout their personal injury lawsuits. We care about our clients and their families.

5. Find A Lawyer With A Positive Reputation 

Finding a lawyer with a positive reputation can go a long way when it comes to handling personal injury lawsuits. It is always advantageous when your lawyer has positive relationships with judges and other lawyers in the community.

Most personal injury lawsuits deal with insurance companies. Therefore, finding a lawyer with experience dealing with counsel representing these insurance companies also benefits you when litigating your case.

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Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is one of the most important things you can do to help your case. Every personal injury case is different.

The attorneys at Wells Call understand what you are going through. We are focused on providing the personalized communication you deserve. We want to hear about how the injury affects your personal and professional life.

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Wells Call ensure that your best interests are protected. It’s difficult to navigate the complexities of a personal injury lawsuit.

The Wells Call injury lawyers are here to take on the burden of fighting your case, so you can focus on your recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation! 

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