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What Can I Say After an Accident?

Remember that in California there is no such thing as a no-fault accident. This is not a no-fault state. Because of that, it is very important that you are careful in choosing your words and actions following an accident.…

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What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident

No one gets into their car expecting to have an accident. But, unfortunately, it happens. And no one expects to get in an accident only to have the other driver speed away. But, unfortunately, that happens too. It’s important…

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California Lane Splitting

If you’ve spent much time in traffic on California freeways, you have almost certainly had a motorcycle whiz between you and the car in the next lane. This practice, called lane splitting, is used by about 80% of California motorcyclists.…

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Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s likely that you’ve suffered some injury to your neck or back. Whether it’s immediately after the accident, a few hours later when the adrenaline has worn off, or the next morning,…

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Neck Injuries from Car Accidents

Whiplash is one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of injuries from a car accident. And while whiplash is a common neck injury, especially from rear-end collisions, it isn’t the only neck injury from car…

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Distracted Driving Accidents Are Shaping Legislation

It has been nearly a year since a man was charged with two counts of manslaughter and reckless driving for a 2018 accident in Fairfield. The driver, who was on his phone, struck and killed Jaime Manuel and CHP…

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