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A Note to Healthcare Providers From Personal Injury Lawyers

Healthcare Providers and Personal Injury Lawyers WCCBC has been working in the Northern California area for the last 25 years to provide their clients with access to the services they need for a true recovery from their accidents. We…

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In this article I want to discuss what you should do if your injuries are caused by an accident that may be partially your fault. When someone gets hurt badly in an accident that might be partly their fault,…

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The Core of an Injury Case Liability

In this article I want to explain the meaning of a legal term that many have heard but not everyone fully understands. That term is liability. So let’s get right into discussing the question, what is liability? The reason…

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Vallejo California Car Accidents

According to AAA, Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year. That’s over 290 hours of driving! And that doesn’t include the time spent as a passenger. Most of us don’t need a statistic to…

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Emergency Room Cost

Published Hospital Pricing and How it Affects You Let’s say you hurt your knee in a car accident and your doctor is now telling you-you’ll need a total knee replacement. You want to be sure to get the best…

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How Long Will It Take for Your Case to Settle?

This is a frequently asked question in my practice. It’s probably no surprise that the answer is, “it depends.” The main factor affecting the duration of a personal injury case is the length of medical treatment. Some people heal…

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