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Written by: Benjamin Scott
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Navigating the complexities of a car accident claim in Vacaville requires skilled legal guidance to manage the daunting legal process. Many search for the best car accident lawyer via popular online directories, but get lost in the pages upon pages of results, many of which are paid for. 

When you use search terms such as “best car accident lawyers in Vacaville,” you will likely encounter numerous sponsored listings.

It’s common for some of these firms to handle a high volume of cases, focusing on quick settlements rather than securing the total compensation their clients deserve for their injuries and losses.

Why Do We Recommend Other Vacaville Car Accident Lawyers? 

At Wells Call Injury Lawyers, our primary objective is to provide superior legal representation for your car accident case. We have meticulously curated a list of the top five car accident attorneys in Vacaville, including those we have worked with directly or whose track records in representing car accident victims stand out.

While our Wells Call Injury Lawyers team is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients, we understand that our firm may not always be the best fit for every case. In such cases, we are committed to guiding you toward other reputable attorneys in Vacaville.

Our commitment is to your recovery and legal success, ensuring you receive the highest quality legal advice and representation throughout your case.

5 Best Car Accident Lawyers in Vacaville

1. Steven R. Clawson – Wells Call Injury Lawyers

Steven R. Clawson at Wells Call Injury Lawyers embodies dedication and expertise in car accident law. With over 30 years of experience, Steven has established himself as a tenacious advocate for victims of negligence in Vacaville and beyond. 

His early legal experiences included a notable internship in Washington, D.C., and a pivotal role in the Provo City Attorney’s office, where he gained valuable litigation experience. After passing the California Bar in 1987, Steven initially worked in defense for insurance companies. This role gave him insider knowledge that he now leverages to benefit his clients as a plaintiff’s attorney.

Since shifting his focus to personal injury litigation in 1991, Steven has achieved significant settlements and jury verdicts and earned memberships in prestigious circles such as the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and The Top Trial Lawyers in America. His reputation as a skilled litigator and a compassionate advocate makes him a top choice for anyone involved in a car accident in Vacaville.

2. Glenn Guenard – Guenard & Bozarth, LLP

Firm Website | Contact Information 

With over 34 years of legal experience, Glenn Guenard is a powerful advocate for victims of car accidents. Glenn focuses on securing justice for individuals severely injured in automotive collisions. His practice is characterized by a relentless pursuit of accountability from those responsible and a deep commitment to delivering comprehensive compensation for his clients.

Glenn has a long track record of favorable outcomes, earning him recognition and respect in the legal community. He has received numerous accolades for his legal advocacy, including being named “Advocate of the Year” by the Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association and receiving top ratings from AVVO. His exclusive American Board of Advocates membership underscores his ethical practice and exceptional trial skills.

3. Andy Gillin – GJEL Accident Attorneys

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With a steadfast commitment to justice, Andy Gillin has become a champion for victims of car accidents throughout Northern California. His legal journey began after graduating from the University of Chicago Law School, leading him to the public service sector before founding GJEL in 1972. His firm is dedicated to helping those harmed by the negligence of others, particularly in complex car accident cases.

Andy’s legal prowess has earned him a reputation as a formidable advocate, especially in cases involving serious injuries from car accidents. His strategic approach to litigation and settlement negotiations has resulted in numerous landmark settlements and verdicts, profoundly impacting his clients’ lives and promoting safer community standards. His dedication extends beyond the courtroom as he frequently contributes to legal education, guiding settlement strategies and trial practice.

A recipient of numerous accolades, including recognition from Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America, Andy maintains an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell. 

4. David L. Winnett – Liuzzi Murphy Solomon Churton Hale Winnett (LMS Law Firm)

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David L. Winnett is a partner at LMS Law Firm. He brings a formidable blend of advocacy and insight to his practice, focusing on car accident cases. Raised to value justice and equality, David has consistently applied these principles throughout his legal career, making a significant impact on behalf of those injured in car accidents.

Beginning his career as a prosecutor, David excelled in the courtroom, developing a keen understanding of trial advocacy that proved crucial in his transition to personal injury law. David’s deep knowledge of insurance company tactics from his time defending their cases equips him with the strategic edge needed to negotiate and litigate complex car accident claims. Since joining the personal injury sector, he has secured numerous substantial settlements and verdicts for his clients due to his meticulous preparation and relentless pursuit of justice.

Among his accolades, David has been honored with the CAOC’s 2018 Consumer Attorney of the Year, recognized repeatedly as a finalist for SFTLA’s Trial Lawyer of the Year, and holds an AV-Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell for ethical standards and legal ability.

5. Frank J. Crum – Crum Law Offices

Firm Website 

Frank J. Crum’s legal practice is deeply rooted in his Northern California upbringing in a community-oriented farming family. Frank initially honed his legal skills in the insurance industry, an experience that provided him with invaluable insights into the strategies employed by insurance companies. Crum now uses this knowledge to benefit his clients involved in auto accidents.

In 2005, he shifted his focus from corporate representation to founding his own practice dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses navigate the challenges of car accident claims. His firm emphasizes clear communication and personalized legal strategies, ensuring clients are well-informed and confidently represented.

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