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"Steve was incredibly helpful handling my first encounter with a personal injury case. My case was unique as it was not a large settlement but large enough where I could not afford to pay without the help of my insurance company. Nonetheless, Steve took my case and in a matter of a few weeks helped me settle enough to cover my doctor's expenses, his services and even enough to cover my own personal pain and inconvenience. I am very thankful for his expertise and would recommend his services in the event you are dealing with a personal injury case too! Like everyone else who wrote here, he is compassionate and trustworthy!"
— Jackie
"They are always compassionate and willing to go the extra mile!"
— Tamara
"High quality, high integrity. They're in law for the right reasons. Very trustworthy."
— Wade
"This is a firm with integrity. They really care about doing the right thing for their clients."
— Rebecca
"My attorney has been very professional. I appreciate his listening ear. This firm was dependable and courteous. I would recommend this law firm to family and friends."
— Kheynda
"The best part about working with this firm is I didn't have to deal with the other insurance company. I know my attorney did everything he could to get me more money, and I appreciate his hard work."
— Twila
"The law firm was very helpful and was able to solve my problem. They are good attorneys and will always answer your questions. My whole experience with them was great."
— D.T.
"They were helpful, and they really cared about our situation."
— Jeanette
"They helped me with the case all the way through to the end. Everything was very good and clear. Here they can help you."
— Crescenciano
"Was very attentive.... made my recovery easier knowing they would take care of my case. They were very through! Everyone in this Law office was always available for questions!"
— Amado
"My case was handled with professionalism at every step. I was kept informed of any new developments by my attorney and his staff. I would recommend Mr. Clawson to anyone involved in personal injury case. Never try to represent yourself in these matters. Let the professionals handle it for you."
— Mike
"I hired this firm and hired Mr. Steven Clawson as my lawyer to represent me in my personal injury accident case where I was hot from behind. Steve was very helpful and knowledgeable and showed me the whole process right at the 1st meeting in way I would understand. His team member Christian was also very helpful and knowledgeable and handled my case very well to get my case settled to my satisfaction. I recommend this firm to everyone locally in Solano County for any personal injury matter."
— Dev
"Attorney Clawson handled my dog bite case and he was the sweetest, most caring, professional man ever!! He’s not just in it for the money and helped educate me through the whole process. My case was so stressful and he was very adamant on doing what was best for me while still respecting all of my decisions and kept me updated within reasonable time frames. Thank you for all your help through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life Attorney Clawson!"
— Mel
"Scott Bennett is a phenomenal attorney. He has such compassion for his clients. Our family would highly recommend this firm."
— Karen
"Very professional, always quick to respond to questions. Would definitely work with them again!"
— Antonette
"I was passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident and was injured. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm to represent my case. They went above and beyond my expectations and treated me as if I was family. I am more than satisfied with their representation and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a personal injury attorney."
— Kathy
"Very good service! Always aware of your case. Most of the lawyers and staff speak Spanish. Efficacy in solving your problem."
— Iris
"I really appreciate the quality of service and respect that all the attorneys showed me while handling my case. They fought with the insurance company to get me a good settlement. I highly recommend them for all your legal needs."
— Deborah
"Good Honest hard-working American with absolute integrity, it was a smooth process from start to finish, I have a lot of gratitude for what they did for my wife and I."
— John
"When I had my car accident in October 2017. I was worried about finding a good law firm who can handle my case. I looked online and found this law firm to be an established practice in the Fairfield, Ca area with good reviews. I then felt confident to contact this office. I was accommodated within the next two business days after my personal injury. I am glad I choose this office, because not only would they respond my phone calls in a timely manner, but have great customer service. I appreciate Steve Schofield(lawyer) met with me to discuss my settlement offers and helped me understand the process of my claim. I really recommend this law firm. Thank you."
— Liliana
"I was rear ended pretty severely over 2 years ago. I was left hanging after the accident with hardly any information and I was stuck in a situation where I didn't know what to do, who to go to, or what would happen from that moment forward. I had never been in an accident before and I was dealing with an insurance company that wouldn't give an inch of anything, whether it be information, help of any kind, let alone answering my phone calls, it was a living hell at times. I started looking for an attorney, worried about numerous things; would they take my case, how much was it all going to cost, could I trust said lawyer, etc. I found this law firm and read what others had to say. They seemed like my best shot. I have been working with Mr. Clawson for over a year now and I can tell anyone that he is by far, not only one of the nicest attorneys out there, but dedicated, hardworking, sees you through to the end, and truly cares about the well-being of each one of his clients. I went from feeling helpless to feeling confident and reassured working with him. He has been so overwhelmingly helpful, he answers any and all questions and concerns if they are there and you can trust him, which again, was a huge deal for me. Lord willing, I will never be in another severe accident again but if I ever am or if I know of someone who is, I will tell them to speak with someone (for me specifically, Mr. Clawson) from this firm!"
— Hinata
“They did everything good from the beginning. From the first call I felt very comfortable especially because the lawyer that was representing me answered all of my questions immediately. The service was all very good. They helped me a lot, and when I got my settlement check they even reduced their fees so that I would get more. Thank you. Thank you for your help.”
— Ana M.