Case Results

The case results listed below are actual settlement and verdict results from cases recently handled by us. Because the facts and circumstances of every case are different, the results of other cases are not a guarantee of similar results in other cases. The results below do not include all cases, but they include a sample of different types of cases and show how much that results can vary.

$4.5 Million Verdict

A parts salesman had 2 fingers amputated when a Jelly Belly employee directed him to equipment with an unguarded chain and sprocket. The Jelly Belly employee failed to turn off the equipment and failed to warn the salesman about the machine’s automatic startup. The equipment started up while the salesman was examining it.

$800,000 Settlement

A rear-end collision resulted in a fractured spine.

$650,000 Settlement (Above the Policy Limits)

A driver pulls out to turn left in front of a motorcycle. The motorcycle driver crashes into the car and suffers several broken bones and a brain injury.

$500,000 Policy Limit Settlement

A bicyclist was hit in the intersection by a driver making a left turn. He required multiple surgeries on his broken ankle.

$300,000 Settlement

A pedestrian is struck by a car exiting an unmarked parking lot and breaks her leg.

$296,000 Settlement

A distracted driver t-boned another car and caused a neck fracture.

$265,000 Settlement

A pickup truck runs into a student in the crosswalk on the way to school and breaks the student’s leg.

$240,000 Settlement

An 85 year-old man broke his leg when another driver ran a red light.

$230,000 Settlement

A driver cut across lanes of traffic on the freeway and caused serious injuries to the driver and passenger of the other car.

$178,000 Settlement

The owner of a rental home failed to repair a rotting deck after several notices about the danger. A tenant fell through the deck and required knee surgery.

$175,000 Settlement

A driver ran into a gas station attendant while the attendant was performing maintenance at the gas station.

$175,000 Settlement

A driver of a paratransit vehicle failed to strap in a wheelchair-bound passenger. When the driver made a sudden stop, the passenger fell out of his wheelchair and broke his leg.

$135,000 Settlement above the policy limits

A driver ran a red light and t-boned another car.

$130,000 Settlement

A man slips on ice on the sidewalk from a leaking sprinkler and tear his rotator cuff.

$77,500 Settlement

An elevator is mislabeled, and a woman trips on the elevator as she gets out.

$70,000 Settlement

A defective knee walker toppled over and reinjured a woman’s ankle injury.

$70,000 Settlement

A customer at a recycling center started going into a diabetic coma. The employees thought he was drunk, and they drove him outside the facility and left him in his truck.

$65,000 Settlement

A truck driver was assaulted and thrown to the ground by another truck driver at a loading dock.

$40,000 Settlement

A high school student was rear ended by a distracted driver and suffered neck injuries and a concussion.

$35,000 Settlement

A toddler was burned when a hospital nurse placed a cup of hot water on the edge of a table right next to him.

32,500 Settlement

A tractor trailer rear ended a car and caused a broken thumb, a back injury, and a neck injury.

$25,000 Settlement

A nail salon punctured a woman’s skin while working on an ingrown toenail and caused a serious infection.

$10,500 Settlement

An unrestrained dog bit a woman in the thigh and left discoloration and scarring.