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Written by: Benjamin Scott
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Car accidents are common throughout the United States.

In Richmond, California, alone, there were 561 car accidents that caused fatalities and injuries in 2019. Likewise, Fairfield saw 563 car accidents causing fatalities and injuries in that same year. 

Most California car accidents are minor, causing only small bruises or cuts. But car accidents have the potential to cause severe spinal injuries, like a herniated or bulging disc.

Victims are already hurting emotionally, physically, and emotionally. Living with suffocating medical bills, they may be looking for financial relief. 

Pursuing a bulging disc settlement in California can save victims and their families precious time and money. Enduring trial litigation can be costly and typically lasts at least one year before the case concludes.

Alternatively, a herniated disc car accident settlement in California affords victims and families the ability to take control of their case. As an added bonus, they may settle the case in a fraction of the time that a lawsuit might last.  

Keep in mind that insurance companies may offer you a quick-fix settlement shortly after they receive the claim. The best practice is to reject this initial offer.

Often, this initial lowball offer is much less than the long-term costs a victim of a herniated or bulging disc will have to pay in medical bills and other losses.

The best protection is to contact a licensed attorney to help you negotiate and claim your bulging disc settlement in California. 

How Much Is a Back Injury Worth?

The average bulging disc settlement in California varies wildly. Why? Because the interplay between numerous factors determines the settlement amount.

These factors include:

  • The severity of the injury; 
  • The likelihood that the victim will fully recover; 
  • The expected timetable for recovery; 
  • The victim’s past and future lost wages; 
  • The lost earning capacity of the victim; 
  • The circumstances leading to the accident; 
  • The conduct of the at-fault party that led to the accident;
  • The amount of medical and other expenses incurred by the victim;
  • The future, accident-related medical and other expenses the victim anticipates incurring in the future;
  • The damages awards or settlements that victims received in similar cases; and
  • The laws of California around personal injury liability and motor vehicles.  

In addition, the victim, the insurance company, the at-fault parties, and the attorneys involved engage in back and forth negotiations.

The result is a case-by-case variation in final spinal injury settlement amounts. For those reasons, there is no cookie-cutter, guaranteed average settlement for a spinal cord injury. 

The only way to discover the potential worth of your back injury case is to have a California car accident attorney properly assess your specific case. 

Average Settlement for Spinal Cord Injury

Out of all car accident injuries, damage to the spinal cord or spinal column typically costs the most. As such, spinal injury compensation payouts tend to be much higher than any average.

This encompasses the economic costs of the accident and injury, as well as the human cost. After all, many spinal cord injuries result in lifelong disability, pain, or paralysis. 

Individual cases may vary, but the medical bills portion of the average settlement for a spinal cord injury may fall around the $1 million range, at least as a starting point. This accounts for the immense medical bills associated with a herniated or bulging disc.

From there, the parties negotiate to account for future economic damages and the impact of the spinal injury on the victim’s daily life. 

Wells Call Injury Lawyers: We Help Car Accident Victims Maximize Their Bulging Disc Settlement in California

We are the attorneys to turn to if you’re thinking of pursuing a bulging disc settlement in California.

We take all our personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay a penny in legal fees unless and until we win your case and you receive a payout.

Unlike the competition, we have offices in the areas that we serve in California, including Fairfield, Napa, Vallejo, Woodland, and Vacaville. We also have two offices in Richmond.

In operation since 1984, we have the experience and the resources to fight for you. We devote ourselves to helping clients like you maximize spinal injury compensation payouts.

Give us a call today or contact us online. 

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