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Written by: Steven R. Clawson
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Our education system in America has come a long way with child abuse in the classroom. You’ve probably heard stories from elderly people sharing their times in school with the paddle and teachers having ruthless disciplinary rules and rants. Times have definitely changed, and laws have been enacted to disallow this blatant abuse from schoolteacher to student. However, child abuse is still an issue between teacher and child, but it occurs in much more subtle ways.

Which Children Are Being Targeted?

According to the U.S Government Accountability Office, over the last 25 years, there have been hundreds of accusations of school teachers and faculty using unnecessary restraint and seclusion in abusive ways towards children. This abuse in schools has been happening disproportionately to students with physical or mental disabilities. Untrained staff and faculty members are usually at the brunt of these allegations; without any special needs training, teachers and staff at schools either unknowingly or knowingly mistreat children with disabilities who have fallen behind in school and have been socially secluded. Younger children, like in the kindergarten through second grade age group, are also susceptible to child abuse, simply because they are more vulnerable.

What Are the Hidden Signs?

As a parent, look for signs that your child’s teacher has an unhealthy or odd relationship with you. Try to know as much background information about your child’s teacher as you can if you suspect abuse, because schools will not always know any history of abuse or might not inform you of it any past records. Other signs of abuse can be pretty obvious: physical signs are the most apparent, such as bruises, scratches or any visible injuries. If your child has lost passion in things they used to love about school, they don’t want to see their friends, or if they generally refuse to go to school with no clear reason, you should question if something is happening at school. If your child has been injured at school and is suffering abuse from a teacher or school staff member, your family deserves justice. The attorneys at our Northern California law firm can help your family receive compensation and hold certain people accountable.

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