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The use of ridesharing companies like Lyft has risen dramatically in recent years. Rideshares offer alternative transportation that is both convenient and affordable.

But with the increase in rideshare drivers on the road, there has unfortunately been a corresponding increase in accidents with rideshare cars.

If you or a loved one were injured in an accident with a Lyft driver, we know this is a difficult time. 

Know that California law allows you to sue after an accident if the driver’s negligence was the cause of the crash. At Wells Call Injury Lawyers, we can help you calculate your possible Lyft accident settlement payout.

It can be a complicated process because the amount you can receive is based on the facts of your case. You need experienced attorneys on your side. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Is a Lyft Accident?

A Lyft accident is an accident that involves a Lyft vehicle. The following are some of the accident scenarios that can occur:

  • You were driving your personal vehicle when you were hit by a Lyft driver;
  • You were a passenger in a Lyft car when the driver hit another car;
  • You were a pedestrian hit by a Lyft vehicle;
  • You were a bicyclist hit by a Lyft vehicle; 
  • You were a motorcyclist hit by a Lyft vehicle; or
  • You were a public transportation passenger hit by a Lyft vehicle. 

If you have been in one of these types of accidents, contact us to see if you can recover compensation.

What Factors Influence a Lyft Accident Settlement Payout?

The amount of compensation you can receive from a Lyft accident is contingent on the facts of each case. The following are various factors that can influence the compensation you receive.

Proving Negligence

To recover compensation for a Lyft accident, you must prove the party you are suing was negligent. You must provide evidence for the four elements of negligence:

  1. Duty. You must prove the party you are suing owed you a duty of care. Like all motorists, Lyft drivers have the duty to drive safely and abide by traffic laws.
  2. Breach of duty. You must prove that the driver breached their duty to drive safely. For example, a driver who runs a red light or drives while intoxicated has breached their duty of care.
  3. Causation. You must prove that the Lyft driver’s breach caused your injuries. 
  4. Damages. You must prove the damages that resulted from the accident. These damages can be injuries or financial problems caused by the accident.

Our seasoned personal injury attorneys can help you prove these elements.

Severity of Injuries Sustained in the Accident

Naturally, the more severe your injuries, the higher the compensation can be. These injuries will have higher medical bills and generally leave you missing work for longer. Minor and mild injuries are likely to see less compensation.

Medical documentation is essential for proving damages in a Lyft accident. Be sure to save every medical invoice for the following:

  • Emergency room visits,
  • Hospital stays,
  • Doctor visits,
  • Diagnostic tests,
  • Rehabilitation, and
  • Counseling sessions.

You also need the records of your doctor’s diagnosis and the future outlook of your health. The answers to the following questions will likely determine how much you can receive after your accident:

  • Do you need physical therapy?
  • Do you need counseling?
  • Are you disfigured from the accident?
  • Are there any lasting impairments from the accident?
  • Do you need home nursing care?
  • Will you require any assistance devices like a wheelchair?
  • Will you be able to return to work?
  • Are you still able to perform the duties of your job?
  • Do you need to take a less-paying job due to your injuries?

All of these will factor into the calculation of your damages in your Lyft accident settlement payout.

Sufficient Evidence Collection

Evidence must also be collected to prove your case. Common evidence used to prove your Lyft accident claim includes:

  • Photos of the vehicles,
  • Photos of the debris and property damage,
  • Video surveillance footage,
  • Contact information of parties to the accident,
  • Contact information of witnesses,
  • Eyewitness accounts, 
  • Medical records from the accident, and
  • The police report.

You should also collect any tax documents and pay stubs before and after the accident to show the financial losses you sustained.

How Long Do You Have to Bring a Lyft Accident Lawsuit?

Lawsuits must be brought within a certain period, called the statute of limitations. Every type of claim has its own statute of limitations.

Lyft accidents generally fall under the personal injury umbrella. In California, you must bring a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the incident. So for a Lyft accident, you have two years from the accident date to bring your claim.

If you miss this deadline, absent certain exceptions, you are generally barred from recovering any Lyft accident compensation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to recover compensation from the party who harmed you. Talk to a Lyft accident attorney today to preserve your right to recovery. 

How Much Does a Lyft Accident Attorney Cost?

Different law firms have different payment schemes. With Wells Call Injury Lawyers, you don’t pay us a dime upfront. You’re already having financial trouble from the accident, we don’t want you to worry about that with us. 

We operate on a contingency basis. That means you don’t pay us anything unless we recover compensation on your behalf. If we don’t win, you don’t pay us. You have nothing to lose. So contact us and learn about how we can help you.

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