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Ms.Stokholm is always doing her best to support her students everyday. She runs around class trying to answer everyone’s questions about anything. Whether it be about math,grades,classes,colleges,and etc. she does it all. She is always there to listen to comfort and to offer her students advice whether it be about school or even personal life. She goes above and beyond for her student and tries to reward those who do their best in her class. She throws parties for holidays to encourage her class to work towards them and motivate them to continue learning. She has a very strong passion for teaching and it really shows in her character and the way she treats her children (students). My fondest memory was when one of our most loved teacher passed away. We were all in distress and she came over and one by one gave her whole avid class a hug. She is honestly one of the sweetest teachers I have ever had and no body would deserve this more than her.

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