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As a teacher's wife, I have seen how much my husband puts in to his students. He's been teaching 20 years. If you ask the kids at Buckingham, they will tell you how Mr. Price is their favorite teacher. He encourages them, engages them, and he makes learning fun. How do I know this? I can be at Starbucks, Target, you name it, and the students and their parents will go out of their way to let me know this. That's pretty incredible. Ryan was made to be a teacher; students will enroll in Buckingham just to have Mr. Price. Ryan has been participating in the Vocab Bowl with his students for years now and it's such a fun way to get kids involved in learning, and they actually love it. Students from all over the country cheer them on!!! Check him out on TikTok, Larry Lexicon! I'm so proud of my husband!

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