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Written by: Steven R. Clawson
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Healthcare Providers and Personal Injury Lawyers

WCCBC has been working in the Northern California area for the last 25 years to provide their clients with access to the services they need for a true recovery from their accidents.

We are proud to say that we have worked with and developed professional relationships with many health care providers in the area and look forward to working with more.

Recovery Plan

To our firm, a settlement is more than a check. It is the recovery plan for each of our clients. Helping them to be able to get back to the level of health they need, recover the assets they lost, and heal from the traumatic experience of their accident. Working with qualified medical professionals who are members of the community we are able to execute this plan more effectively and provide a better service.

Our clients who work with a medical professional such as a chiropractor, pediatrician, or therapist are in desperate need of care providers that are easily accessible, timely, and understanding of their unique situation.

For many of our clients, this is their first time going through this legal process. Having a healthcare provider who understands the situation that they are in and how they can help brings immeasurable benefits. We recommend that healthcare providers familiarize themselves with these three topics:

Is It Worth Filing a Lawsuit for My Injury?

Every day healthcare providers see people who have been injured in an accident.

When is it appropriate for them to recommend the injured party to a law firm? Our firm gives 100% free case consultations where a qualified lawyer will speak with the individual and determine if they have a viable case. To learn more about the criteria of how we decide if it is worth filing a lawsuit please follow the link. (click here)

The 10 Steps of a Personal Injury Law Case

Understanding that a lawsuit is a process that takes time and does not typically provide immediate results can help healthcare providers to create plans for their patients that fit their needs.

They can work with their patients’ representatives to provide documentation of injuries so that the court and the other party’s representatives understand the nature of the injuries the patient has and the time that will be required for recovery.

They can also serve as expert witnesses who educate the court on how these injuries typically are treated and how they occur.

Throughout the process of a lawsuit, there are many opportunities for healthcare provider to assist their patients and help them have a speedier, less stressful experience.

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Our firm is proud to say that we work on contingency and therefore only charge for our services after we have successfully negotiated a settlement or won the case in front of the jury.

Working with us, patients are able to have the years of experience and education of our firm to advocate for their rights and get them the best settlement possible without the worry of paying a retainer fee during the months, or years in some cases, of work that an injury case typically takes.

Thank You

Most of all we want to show our appreciation to the hundreds of healthcare providers who spend years educating themselves and practicing their craft so that they can better serve their community. Your countless hours of service have provided our clients, families, and friends with the medical treatment they needed to be with us today. Together we hope to serve with you so that our community can be a safer, happier place.

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