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Written by: Steven R. Clawson
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The Solano Transportation Authority just made a big announcement. The federal government granted $8.8 million to Solano County for traffic safety projects. This is music to my ears. I am a local personal injury lawyer, so I have seen first-hand how car accidents can devastate lives. The planned projects are aimed at the most dangerous intersections and pedestrian crossing areas in the county. This is great news for county residents.  Many worry about safety around dangerous intersections and roads in the area. The county has planned upgrades in Benicia, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville, and Vallejo.

Crosswalk Beacons

The county will use high-tech systems in many of the projects. One example is High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk Beacons. These beacons are much like traffic lights. The county will put them in at crosswalks that are not at intersections. They function much like regular traffic lights but with no the green light. When a pedestrian pushes the walk button, the light for motorists will flash yellow then go solid yellow. The light will then go to solid red then flashing red. Then it turns off. As a car accident attorney I see far too many pedestrian tragedies. Cars hit people far too often in our cities. Unfortunately these type of accidents often result in very severe injury or death. I sincerely hope that this innovation will reduce pedestrian injuries.

Safer Intersections

The county will also install Advanced Dilemma Zone Detection systems. These systems reduce rear end car crashes and t-bone crashes by modifying stoplight timing. They make it easier to decide whether to stop or go at a yellow light. We’ve all experienced that tricky moment when your not sure if you should gas it or slam on the breaks. These systems will make that easier. Most car accident cases I handle are rear end collisions. They are the most common type of car accident. Second to rear end crashes are intersection crashes. These new systems are aimed at reducing both rear end crashes and intersection crashes. These systems should effectively reduce injury in our communities and make our roads safe.

Locations and Projects

The specific locations of planned projects under these grants are as follows:

  • In Benicia the county will enhance crosswalks at West Fifth and Military West and at Hasting Drive and London Drive.
  • In Fairfield the county will install adaptive signal timing at fourteen intersections in the city. The county will also put in High Intensity Activated Crosswalk Beacons at five locations in the city with heavy foot traffic.
  • The county will focus its efforts in Rio Vista on protecting school children from being struck by cars while crossing streets near Riverview Junior High and White Elementary.
  • In Suisun City the county will enhance three pedestrian crossings.
  • Vacaville will have Advanced Dilemma Zone Detection installed at 21 intersections and will benefit from enhanced pedestrian crossings at two major intersections.
  • Vallejo will also receive multiple High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk beacons and other enhanced pedestrian crossings.

The county will complete the above projects by the end of 2021. In the meantime I’m sure the construction impacts of the projects may cause a bit of a nuisance, but ultimately we should all be made safer and better off in the long run by the improvements.

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