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Written by: Benjamin Scott
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Uber is one of the most popular ridesharing companies in the world. Its mission is to make movement accessible to everyone. And now Uber is more than just ridesharing. Their drivers can deliver groceries and restaurant food as well. 

But Uber vehicles are not immune to accidents on the roadways. If you or a loved one were in an accident involving an Uber vehicle, you may be wondering what you should do next. A common question is how to report an accident to Uber in California. 

At Wells Call Injury Lawyers, our experienced attorneys can ensure your Uber accident report is filed properly and can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Am I Required to Report the Uber Accident by Law?

Yes. A driver of a vehicle is required to report an accident that results in injury or death within 24 hours of the accident.

You must send the report to the California Highway Patrol or the police department in the city where the accident occurred. Thus, if your Uber accident resulted in injury or death, the answer is yes, the accident must be reported.

If you were driving your car, you are the one obligated to report the accident. If you were in the Uber as a passenger, the Uber driver must report the accident.

Note, however, that California law also requires a passenger in the vehicle to report the accident if the driver cannot.

Further, California law also mandates that all traffic accidents be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten days if the following happens:

  • There was an injury;
  • Someone died; or
  • There was property damage over $1,000.

Failure to abide by these laws can cause legal consequences and possibly affect your ability to make a claim.

What Happens If I Do Not Report the Uber Accident?

California law requires you to report any accident, including an Uber accident. If you do not, you may face a fine, jail time, or both.

California law states that if a driver fails to report an injury or death of another person in a car accident, they may face the following:

  • Imprisonment up to one year;
  • A fine ranging from $1,000 to $10,000; or
  • Both imprisonment and a fine.

The prison time may be more if the injuries are permanent and severe.

Further, the DMV can also suspend your driver’s license if you do not report an accident.

How Do I File a Police Report for the Car Accident?

Police usually arrive at the scene after an accident. As they manage and direct everyone at the accident scene, they also fill out a police report. In this report, the police officer includes the following:

  • Contact information of parties to the accident;
  • Date and time of the accident;
  • Location of the accident;
  • Information on vehicles in the accident;
  • Information about the accident;
  • Description of the accident scene;
  • Description of road and weather conditions at the time of the accident;
  • Description of property damage; and
  • Identification of responding police officer.

If no police were called to the scene, you must report the accident to the police department in your city or the California Highway Patrol.

Why Is Reporting the Uber Accident Important?

If you suspect the Uber driver was negligent, you may be able to sue them for compensation. To prove your negligence claim, you must prove four elements:

  1. Duty,
  2. Breach of duty,
  3. Causation, and
  4. Damages.

Uber drivers have the same duty as all drivers on the roadway. They must drive carefully and obey all traffic ordinances. Failure to abide by this duty is a breach. Examples of common breaches include:

  • Driving while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs;
  • Distracted driving,
  • Running a red light,
  • Failure to use proper signals,
  • Using one’s smartphone while driving,
  • Speeding, and
  • Failure to stop at a stop sign.

You then must prove that the Uber driver’s breach was the cause of your damages. To prove damages, you must provide medical documentation showing proof of your injuries and the financial losses you sustained.

If you missed work from the injuries, you must also provide tax documents and pay stubs to show your loss of income.

A police report is an essential document in proving negligence. It provides official documentation of where and when the accident occurred.

The officer will include the names of the parties involved, as well as their assessment of the scene. Even if the document was filed later, it still provides information about the parties and where and when the accident occurred.

How Do I Report the Accident to Uber?

Reporting the accident to Uber is important, especially if you want to file a claim against them. Generally, you can log into the app and report the accident. Click on the ride where it happened and report the accident. Or, you can go online to Uber’s website and make an Uber accident report. 

If you prefer to speak to a person and want an Uber accident report phone number, log into your app. Click on the ride. Then, click on the option called “safety incident reporting line.” This is a direct line to speak with an Uber representative about an accident.

How Long Do I Have to Bring an Uber Accident Claim?

Reporting an Uber accident and initiating an Uber accident claim are not the same thing. While you have a short time frame to report an Uber accident, the timeframe for filing a lawsuit is different. 

In California, you have two years from the date of your Uber accident to file a claim for any injuries sustained. If you fail to file by this deadline, you generally will lose your opportunity to recover damages.

Injured in an Uber Accident? Contact the Personal Injury Lawyers at Wells Call

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