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Walmart is one of the largest retail stores in the nation. In the state of California alone, there are about 300 Walmart stores throughout the state.

With Walmart’s popularity and the amount of foot traffic going in and out of its stores, Walmart does not always do everything it should to prevent injuries in its stores.

Luckily, Californians have recourse against the giant retailer in the event that Walmart’s negligence causes them to experience an injury at Walmart.  

Settlement amounts for people that sustain an injury at Walmart vary.

You have likely heard of several headline cases of unexpecting shoppers or visitors receiving millions of dollars for injuries sustained on the premises.

However, keep in mind that settlement amounts vary based on:

  • The extent of your injuries; 
  • Your negligence that might have contributed to your injury; 
  • Whether you missed work due to your injury;
  • The pain and suffering you experienced;
  • Your current and future medical needs; and 
  • How your injuries impact your life.

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What to Do If You Get Hurt at Walmart

Walmart is a huge company which means they expect lawsuits from shoppers from time to time.

Naturally, the retailer employs a team of lawyers that prepare to defend the company when necessary.

If you sustain an injury at Walmart, you do not want to file suit and represent yourself.

Most non-lawyers are no match for the legal team of this retail giant. And trying to represent yourself is highly likely to produce inadequate results that may not even cover the full costs of your medical care. 

You should document all facts about the incident if you get hurt at Walmart. Include the time, exact location, and the conditions under which you were injured.

Then, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Delaying treatment may only make your injuries worse, and delays will give Walmart the opportunity to argue that you made your injuries worse by not seeking treatment. 

What Is Premise Liability?

Premise liability is a legal concept that refers to fault that a landowner, possessor, or occupier has for hazards on their land that result in injury.

Outside of employee claims, most cases against Walmart are related to premise liability.

California law imposes a duty of ordinary care for owners or possessors of property. To win your case, you need to prove that Walmart: 

  • Owned or possessed the property where you were injured;
  • Was negligent in providing ordinary care to prevent your injury; and
  • Harmed you due to the negligent care of their premises.

It is also necessary to prove that Walmart’s negligence was a substantial factor in causing your injury.

Whether you were injured by a slip and fall, improperly secured object, or anything else, consider obtaining an injury lawyer who can help with your case against Walmart and get you the compensation you deserve. 

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